PowerAmerica Member UnitedSiC Announces Strategic Investment by Analog Devices; New Power Device Offerings

PowerAmerica member UnitedSiC has announced a strategic investment and long-term supply agreement with Analog Devices, Inc. “From our first meeting with the ADI Power team, they instantly understood the value of our SiC technology and the ease with which the devices could be scaled and utilized in their power platforms,” said Chris Dries, President and CEO at UnitedSiC.  UnitedSiC and ADI have been collaborating on SiC-based products and devices for more than two years.

As wide bandgap power devices, and SiC in particular, become more mainstream and cost effective, the inclusion of these devices should further strengthen ADI’s analog power portfolio.

Steve Pietkiewicz, Senior VP of Power Products at ADI said, “For the last few years, we have been actively following the development and progress of silicon carbide technology and devices. We found UnitedSiC’s FET technology to be ideally suited for ADI’s high performance power platforms and our pursuit of additional high voltage applications.”

Additionally, UnitedSiC announced it has released a range of SiC JFET die suitable for co-packaging with a controller IC with built in low voltage MOSFET to fabricate an extremely fast, cascode-based, 20-100W flyback charger products.  These JFETs are ideal for applications such as consumer electronics adapters, auxiliary power supplies and high-power, long LED lightning chains. “With the addition of these new SiC JFETs, UnitedSiC now has one of the largest SiC power portfolios in the industry,” says UnitedSiC CEO Chris Dries. “We now have high-performance JFET functionality in both die and discrete package form.”

UnitedSiC is a founding member of the PowerAmerica organization, and continues to work together at accelerating the global adoption of wide bandgap technology products.