Engineering Samples Device Bank

Advanced engineering devices and modules are hard to come by and tend to require long lead times to purchase. In response to this, the PowerAmerica Institute has developed a device bank where advanced engineering samples of wide bandgap power devices and modules can be readily obtained to accelerate the research, development, and commercial adoption of wide bandgap technology.  

A sample of the current inventory is shown below:

  • Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 3300V - 0.3 A SiC Schottky Rectifier

    Part Number: GAP3SLT33-214

  • Hard switched 1/2 bridge kit

    Part Number: TDPS1000E0E10-KIT

  • All-in-one PFC+Bridge, 200 kHz kit

    Part Number: TDPS250E2D2-KIT

  • LLC bridge ckt, 200 kHz kit

    Part Number: TDPS251E0D2-KIT

  • PFC boost ckt, 750 kHz kit

    Part Number: TDPS300E1A8-KIT

  • Totem Pole PFC, 500 W at low line kit
    Part Number: TDPS500E2C1-KIT
  • 200A, 650V SOT227 diodes

    Part Number: UJ3D065200S

  • 100A 1200V SiC Schottky Diode

    Part Number: UJ3D120100ZW

  • 60 TO247 devices

    Part Number: UJ3M1240K

  • 40m, 1200V Power MOSFETs in waffle packs

    Part Number: UJM12042

  • Gen 3 10kV/350 SiC MOSFET die

    Part Number: XPM3-10000-3050A

  • 10 kV/15A Gen 3 SiC Diode die

    Part Number: XPM3-10000-3015A

  • Gen3 3.3kV/40mOhm SiC MOSFET - Package: Bare die

    Part Number: XPM3-3300-0040B

  • 3.3kV/45A SiC JBS diode die

    Part Number: XPM3-3300-Z045A

  • 10kV/15A SiC JBS diode - Package: Bare die

    Part Number: XPW3-10000-Z015B

The inventory in the device bank is open to any organization or individual interested in purchasing WBG devices. The four-tier list below defines how the Institute determines an organization’s or individual’s access to the inventory:

  1. Institute members currently receiving Institute funding for technical or educational projects.
  2. Institute members currently receiving other federal funding for technical or educational projects.
  3. Institute members
  4. Non-member organizations or individuals.

If you are interested in purchasing devices from the device bank, complete the form below and submit for review and approval. Questions? Contact Meg Chester at

Device Bank Procurement