Wide Bandgap Devices and Applications Short Course

Wide Bandgap Devices and Applications Short Course

November 16-17, 2021

This is a virtual event. A link will be sent to attendees to register through Eventbrite.
The course will be presented live online in real time with opportunity for Q&A with the instructors. Download the agenda here. Download a flyer for the event here


Enable power electronics engineers to incorporate SiC and GaN technology into products and systems, and fully utilize the benefits of this technology.


Provide the basics of SiC and GaN power electronics technology. Participants will gain proficiency through instruction on WBG fundamentals and application-specific case studies.


Power Electronics Applications Engineers

Power Device Engineers

SiC & GaN Technical Marketing Professionals

Power Electronics Business & Product Line Managers


Sandeep Bahl, PhD
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Texas Instruments

Elif Balkas, PhD
R&D Manager-Materials

Tushar Dhayagude
VP of Field Applications and Technical Sales

Peter Friedrichs, PhD
Vice President, SiC

Don Gajewski, PhD
Manager of Reliability and Failure Analysis

Iqbal Husain, PhD
North Carolina State University

David Levett, PhD
Power Electronics Design and Applications Engineer
Infineon Technologies

Alan Mantooth, PhD
University of Arkansas

Michael McMillan, PhD
Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing

Burak Ozpineci, PhD
Section Head, Vehicle and Mobility Systems Research
Oak Ridge National Lab

Victor Veliadis, PhD
Executive Director and CTO

Fred Wang, PhD
University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Tuesday, November 16, 2021 (all times EST)

10:50-11:00 AM


Dr. Victor Veliadis, PowerAmerica Executive Director & CTO

11:00-12:00 PM

SiC Power Device Technology and System Benefits

  • Low cost wafter technologies
  • Designing reliable power transitors
  • Chip packaging and smart driving ecosystem
  • System benefits and value propositions

Peter Friedrichs, Infineon

12:00-1:00 PM

SiC Power Devices: Volume Applications, Market Outlook, and Introduction to Fabrication

  • High volume applications
  • Accelerating commercialization and the U.S SiC foundry infrastructure
  • Introduction to SiC power device fabrication; what changes from that of Si

Victor Veliadis, NC State University

1:00-1:10 PM


1:10-2:10 PM

SiC Bulk Substrate: Advantages, Challenges and Solutions

Elif Balkas, Wolfspeed

2:10-3:10 PM

Silicon Carbide Epitaxy for Beginners

  • SiC epitaxy–basics of growth
  • Substrates
  • Growth parameters
  • SiC epitaxy tools
  • Types of tools currently in use
  • Next generation tools and techniques
  • Characterization techniques and requirements for commercial epi
  • Thickness and doping accuracy and uniformity
  • Defect types and control

Michael McMillan, Epiluvac

3:10-3:20 PM


3:20-4:20 PM

SiC Power Device Reliability

  • Intrinsic reliability failure mechanisms and models
  • FIT rate based on field failure data and terrestrial neutron radiation
  • Product level reliability
  • Reliability for high voltage and high humidity environments
  • Product qualification
  • Industry consortia qualification standards development

Don Gajewski, Wolfspeed

4:20-5:20 PM

Optimizing SiC MOSFET Chip Design to Match Specific Application Requirements

  • Tradeoffs and compromises for chip designers
  • Design considerations for different applications
  • Applications to be discussed: aviation, solar, servo drives, traction, energy storage/chargers and automotive

David Levett, Infineon

5:20 PM

Day One concludes

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 (all times EST)

11:00-12:00 PM

Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles

  • Electric traction drives for electric vehicles
  • Extreme fast wired and wireless chargers
  • Gaps, challenges, and opportunities
  • Capacitor, power module, and heat sinks
  • Power electronics needs for medium and heavy duty vehicles

Burak Ozpineci, Oak Ridge National Lab

12:00-1:00 PM

1:00-1:10 PM


1:10-2:10 PM

GaN Power Devices and Applications Reliability

  • Motivation for the GaN FET
  • The meaning of traditional qualification–what does and does not carry over from Si reliability
  • Intrinsic reliability of the GaN FET–dynamic Ron and TDDB
  • Achieving application-reliable GaN–standardizing the approach (JEDEC JEP180)
  • Surge robustness without avalanche

Sandeep Bahl, Texas Instruments

2:10-3:10 PM

Electronic Packaging of Wide Bandgap Devices

  • Basics of WBG power module packaging
  • System level considerations for WBG power modules
  • Advanced packaging approaches
  • Power module design flow
  • Case study of an integrated power module

Alan Mantooth, University of Arkansas

3:10-3:20 PM


3:20-4:20 PM

Case Study: High Voltage SiC-Based Power Conditioning System Development for Grid Applications

  • 10kV device characterization
  • driving and protection
  • isolated power supply
  • control
  • PCS design and testing
  • Grid supporting function validation

Fred Wang, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

4:20-5:20 PM

Application of 650V GaN in 45W to 10kV Power Levels

  • GaN advancements and new applications in the past 5 years
  • Applications in the 45W to 10kW range
  • Approaches and topologies for each power segment and market need
  • Power levels and topologies and the pros and cons of GaN and Si MOSFETs in various applications

Tushar Dhayagude, Transphorm

5:20 PM

Day Two concludes


$300 PowerAmerica member, $500 PowerAmerica non-member, $100 Student