Advance your SiC and GaN power electronics knowledge base while growing your network.

Upcoming Events

2023 Wide Bandgap (WBG) Devices and Applications Short Course

Save the date for PowerAmerica’s 2023 WBG Short Course, set for November 7-9.

The course will be presented online in real-time — with the opportunity for Q&A with the instructors. It will introduce participants to the fundamentals of SiC and GaN materials, devices, and power electronics technology; the course will include instruction on WBG fundamentals along with application-specific case studies.

You’ll gain comprehensive insights into power SiC and GaN materials, devices — and the insertion of these technologies into power electronics systems.

Power electronics application and power device engineers, as well as SiC and GaN technical marketing professionals and power electronics business/product line managers, are encouraged to attend.

Contact for more information.

A key benefit of membership in PowerAmerica is the ability to meet, learn, and collaborate with innovators in the WBG field. Our membership includes Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and industry associations.

We recognize your time is valuable, so our events are packed with presentations and hands-on learning and designed to advance your work while introducing you to others who share the goals of bringing to market the next generation of power electronics.

Annual Meeting:
Held each winter, this event attracts more than 200 attendees from around the country representing the SiC and GaN technology ecosystem, and offers unparalleled opportunities to network and connect with existing and potential business partners. These meetings uniquely combine technology and business, with updates on technological advances, market trends in SiC and GaN supply chains, and keynote perspectives from senior industry executives. Each event is also accompanied by a comprehensive, expert-led tutorial aimed at helping engineers and business managers become better acquainted with SiC and GaN technology.

Wide Bandgap Summer Workshop:
Similar to the annual meeting in substance and scope, the summer workshops, typically held in August, additionally afford PowerAmerica’s many university members — including professors and students — the chance to showcase their research to industry; and provides opportunities for students seeking internships or employment to connect with PowerAmerica industry members.

Short Course:
Each November, PowerAmerica hosts a short course to educate industrial power electronics engineers on how to incorporate SiC and GaN into products and systems.

Monthly Webinars:
PowerAmerica hosts a monthly technical webinar series featuring university researchers and industry professionals funded by the Institute and working on a project related to wide bandgap power electronics. Sign up for our mailing list to receive notifications for webinars, and view past ones on our YouTube channel.