Accelerating the next generation of power electronics.

What we do.

PowerAmerica, a proud member of Manufacturing USA, brings together the brightest minds in the wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductor world. Semiconductor manufacturers and the companies that use power semiconductors in their products are working together to accelerate the adoption of next generation silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) power electronics.

Our objective is to reduce the cost and the perceived risk inherent with this new technology. With the backing of the U.S. Department of Energy and engagement of top researchers, we exchange knowledge and processes and provide access to an educated workforce. This enables American industry to develop more innovative power electronics products and systems.

Where is wide bandgap technology making an impact?

Silicon carbide and gallium nitride semiconductors improve the performance of power electronics systems beyond the limits of traditional silicon-based designs.


Precision variable-speed drives & high temperature operation

Electric Utilities

A more resilient, secure energy grid

Electric Transportation

Efficient charging & increased range

Renewable Energy

Higher efficiencies in power conversion


Smaller, faster, lighter, & more rugged power electronics

What we are doing (and why you should join us).

We offer a comprehensive view of advances in SiC and GaN technology, including roadmaps aligned with a range of industrial applications. Driven by semiconductor producers and industry end-users, roadmapping determines what applications will benefit the most from improved power semiconductor performance.

We fund demonstrations of improved technology and applications on a cost-match basis with industry and academic institutions according to unmet market needs and requirements identified in our SiC and GaN roadmaps. The U.S. Department of Energy has committed $70 million over five years to support dozens of projects managed by PowerAmerica.

We promote the benefits of SiC and GaN technology to application engineers in a range of industries, making a compelling case for transitioning existing silicon-based systems to wide bandgap technology through member networking opportunities, promotion in technical and trade publications, trade shows and conferences, and publicizing the successes of our members and their customers.

We are building a nationwide pipeline and ecosystem of applications and device engineers, educators, developers, and entrepreneurs trained in the design, production, and application of WBG power electronics. We are equipping a U.S. workforce through partnerships with more than a dozen leading universities, showcasing their advances in WBG technology. We also offer short courses for power electronics engineers in industry.

Be part of the future of power electronics.

Grow your business through access to the latest developments and key industry players in WBG semiconductor technology. By accelerating the concept to product cycle, we provide your company with the opportunity to remain globally competitive and grow your bottom line.