Engineering Samples Device Bank

Advanced engineering devices and modules are hard to come by and tend to require long lead times. In response to this, the PowerAmerica Institute has developed a device bank to accelerate the research, development, and commercial adoption of wide bandgap technology.

Who can access the device sample bank?

The four-tier list below defines how the Institute determines an organization’s or individual’s access to the inventory:

  • Institute members currently receiving Institute funding for technical or educational projects.
  • Institute members currently receiving other federal funding for technical or educational projects.
  • Institute members
  • Non-member organizations or individuals.

How may I use my devices?

PowerAmerica devices will be distributed under a material transfer agreement (MTA). In order for a purchase to be fulfilled, PowerAmerica will need to have a completed MTA and End Use agreement for each device a customer plans to purchase. You’ll find the MTA and End Use Agreement here.

How do I purchase devices?

If you are interested in purchasing devices from the device bank, contact Rogelio Sullivan at with your request.


Currently available modules are updated regularly here. Currently available bare die are updated regularly here.