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PowerAmerica provides value to its members through acceleration of their wide bandgap concept-to-prototype cycle. By accelerating the market introduction of wide bandgap products, industry members grow their business, and university members benefit through collaboration with industry.

PowerAmerica supports the growth of its members’ businesses and academic programs through our SiC/GaN ecosystem:

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Past keynote addresses from CEOs
+ executives from leading organizations:

  • General Motors
  • John Deere
  • Cree/Wolfspeed
  • IHS Markit
  • Yole Développement
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Army Research Lab
  • United Technologies
  • Power Integrations
  • Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

Hear from panels on topics like:

  • WBG in Grid and Microgrid Applications
  • WBG Manufacturing Challenges
  • WBG Commercialization
  • Power GaN Applications and Reliability
  • High Volume SiC Applications
  • Trends in Markets and Technology

“PowerAmerica does a fantastic job in getting the engagement of some of the greatest minds within the wide bandgap semiconductor industries, both from the producers and users of the technologies.”

– Atom Power, PowerAmerica member

  • Unique members-only Web portal profiling dozens of students with education in GaN and SiC devices/applications to facilitate industry recruiting

Member Initiated Project Examples (MIPs):
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High-Speed 10 kV SiC MOSFET Power Modules
from NREL/Wolfspeed/Virginia Tech 

High Voltage Bi-directional On-Board Charger
with Integrated PCB Winding Magnetic
Components from Virginia Tech 

The larger silicon chip (left) compared to a GaN chip (right)
from the University of Tennessee’s MIP project


Texas Tech researcher demonstrating their
independent WBG testing facility

The PowerAmerica Device/Module Bank eliminates the long lead times of pre-production WBG engineering samples. Learn more about the sample bank.

The PowerAmerica Device Bank features devices and modules from Wolfspeed, Monolith, Microsemi, GeneSiC, Global Power, USCi and Transphorm.
Browse current inventory here.

Members participate in the development of the technology roadmap, charting a course for future wide bandgap technology research.

  • Short courses offered annually with discounted member rates. View example content here.
  • Tutorials offered free to members as part of admission to each annual meeting and summer workshop.

What media says about PowerAmerica

“Expert View: Accelerating Commercialization of Wide Bandgap Power Electronics”
– IEEE Power Electronics Magazine
“The Impact of Education in Accelerating Commercialization of Wide Bandgap Power Electronics”
– IEEE Power Electronics Magazine
“Empowering Power Electronics with PowerAmerica” (p. 36-42)
– Compound Semiconductor

PowerAmerica exhibiting at the Manufacturing USA Congressional Expo, 2018.

PowerAmerica’s booth at APEC 2019.

Members join the Membership Advisory Committee,
giving them a voice in decision making.

A Members-Only Portal provides exclusive access to past meetings,
event presentations, a members-only roadmap,
student database and more.

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