Dr. Jon Zhang Joins PowerAmerica Team

Dr. Jon Zhang has joined PowerAmerica as Director of Power Device Technology. Zhang received his PhD in 2001 from the University of South Carolina, and has spent the last 16 years innovating in SiC power devices. Zhang is a world-renowned engineer with an extensive record of achievement, including a book chapter on SiC devices; coauthor of more than 75 technical papers and conference presentations; and the first inventor on 64 U.S. and numerous international patents with more applications pending.

Career milestones also include demonstrating the industry first reported trench MOSFET with dual buffer layers on SiC (2005), first reported 12 kV IGBT on SiC (2007), first reported trench Schottky diode on SiC (2009), first reported BJT with high current gain of >100 on SiC (2010), first reported 12 kV Gate turn-off Thyristor on SiC (2011), and first reported 12 kV optically triggered Gate turn-off Thyristor on SiC (2012).

“We are extremely fortunate to have someone of Dr. Zhang’s caliber join PowerAmerica,” said Deputy Executive Director and CTO Dr. Victor Veliadis. “He has an outstanding track record of accomplishment in power semiconductor devices and will play a key role in supporting the PowerAmerica goal of creating US manufacturing jobs through accelerated adoption of SiC and GaN power electronics.”