New Funding Opportunity: PowerAmerica Seeks Project Concepts for NIST Rapid Assistance for Coronavirus Economic Response (RACER) Funding

PowerAmerica is surveying members to determine interest in preparing a proposal to compete for NIST Rapid Assistance for Coronavirus Economic Response (RACER) funding. The NIST Office of Advanced Manufacturing expects to fund high-impact projects for research, development, and testbeds to prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus. The program is targeted specifically to Manufacturing USA institutes, of which PowerAmerica is a part, as well as institute members.

PowerAmerica is looking for members to submit one to two paragraphs detailing a proposed project concept by Friday, June 11, which will be collated by PowerAmerica staff. Based on submissions, staff will recommend one or more themes that could form the basis of a PowerAmerica proposal. It is anticipated the proposal would include tasks for several members (individual or teams) that would receive funding if an award is made by NIST.

PowerAmerica will work with selected project teams to submit a full proposal to NIST by July 26.

Topic Areas

Although the connection between wide bandgap semiconductors and coronavirus response may not be immediately apparent, NIST has indicated projects aiming to address setbacks in industry or academia related to the pandemic qualify for consideration.

Projects should relate to technology areas that will support current or future pandemic response, as broadly defined by NIST. Possible topic areas focused on wide bandgap semiconductors could include: refrigeration, microgrids/grid resiliency, consumer electronics, electric transportation, workforce development, and more.

NIST has indicated special consideration will be given to projects that prioritize diversity in project teams and equity in project outcomes – for instance, those that engage minority service institutions, benefit low socioeconomic or rural regions, or involve military veterans.

Submission Details 

Each PowerAmerica member is asked to submit one proposed project concept by email to PowerAmerica at by Friday, June 11. Teaming among PowerAmerica member organizations is encouraged. Based on information provided by NIST, funding to each selected project is not expected to exceed $600,000 over two years.

Please review NIST‘s presentation on this funding opportunity for details about technical content, proposal requirements, and other information. Questions? Contact Program Manager Rogelio Sullivan.