Power Electronics News and PowerAmerica Agree to Strategic Partnership

PowerAmerica and Power Electronics News, a leading media platform dedicated to providing the latest insights and advancements in power electronics, have agreed to enter into a strategic media partnership, Power Electronics News announced Tuesday. The partnership aims to provide unique insights, C-level opinions and valuable resources to industry.

“Wide bandgap (WBG) power semiconductor technologies bring efficiencies critical to meeting CO2 emissions goals,” said Victor Veliadis, executive director of PowerAmerica. “PowerAmerica is committed to accelerating WBG adoption, and our partnership with Power Electronics News will help us further evangelize the benefits of WBG technology and catalyze its mass commercialization.”

“We are excited about this partnership and look forward to working with Power Electronics News,” Veliadis told Power Electronics News.

This strategic partnership between PowerAmerica and Power Electronics News is poised to facilitate knowledge-sharing and enable media opportunities in power electronics engineering, according to Tuesday’s announcement.

PowerAmerica’s 2024 Annual Meeting will be held from March 12 to 15, in Raleigh, North Carolina. During this yearly gathering, PowerAmerica members delve into the latest advancements in WBG technology and business strategies. Power Electronics News, serving as a media partner, will report on the proceedings and insights stemming from this pivotal meeting.

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“Our partnership with PowerAmerica is a source of great excitement. Being a part of Manufacturing USA, PowerAmerica serves as a hub for the most brilliant minds in the wide-bandgap semiconductor domain,” said Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio, editor-in-chief of Power Electronics News. “This collaboration positions us to offer our readers unparalleled access to cutting-edge breakthroughs and advancements within the WBG semiconductor landscape. At the upcoming PowerAmerica meeting, experts will be identifying potential technology gaps and barriers for future endeavors.”

If you are not a member of PowerAmerica but would like to attend the Annual Meeting, please email poweramerica@ncsu.edu.

To learn more about the new partnership between PowerAmerica and Power Electronics News, read this announcement: https://www.powerelectronicsnews.com/power-electronics-news-announces-strategic-media-partnership-with-poweramerica/.

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PowerAmerica is a member-driven consortium of the industry, universities and national labs, accelerating the commercialization of energy-efficient SiC and GaN power semiconductor chips and electronics. Our membership network spans the WBG technology ecosystem, from material/equipment suppliers to device developers and fabs to module manufacturers and end users, as well as leading universities that train the workforce.