PowerAmerica Unveils 1200-V MOSFET and 1200-V Integrated MOSFET/JBS SiC Fabrication Processes

slide1PowerAmerica has developed baseline 1200-V MOSFET and 1200-V Integrated MOSFET/JBS SiC fabrication processes at XFAB’s 150mm SiC foundry in Lubbock, Texas that can significantly accelerate development of a company’s wide bandgap technology offerings.

The processes have successfully yielded Inversion-mode and Accumulation-mode 1.2 kV SiC Power MOSFETs as well as 1200-V SiC Integrated MOSFET/JBS devices at XFAB.

“Even in a company that employs experts on silicon power devices and electronics, it can take engineers a long time to work out the design and processing details of a SiC device. The PowerAmerica processes shorten the development cycle, saving companies time and money in getting their products ready for market,” said PowerAmerica CTO Victor Veliadis.

According to Veliadis, the PowerAmerica model provides basic processes that companies entering the SiC industry can tailor to their specifications.

“If a company wants to fabricate a SiC power device, they can run our 1.2kV SiC MOSFET production process, and then modify it to their specifications,” Veliadis said.

The PowerAmerica devices exhibit on-resistance, threshold voltage, leakage current, and breakdown voltage competitive with commercially available devices.

Learn more about the process here.