Report Says Manufacturing USA ‘Is a Valid Approach’

A recent report by a consulting company commissioned by the Manufacturing USA network of Institutes found the institutes to be a “valid approach,” that “attracts significant and meaningful participation from industry, academia, and local, state and federal government.” Read the full article on the report here, and find a full link to the report here.

Examples of PowerAmerica’s work appears several times throughout the report, which was prepared by Deloitte Consulting LLP. PowerAmerica was specifically recognized for asset pooling that enables small-scale production (pg. 17):

Silicon carbide and gallium nitride are critical materials for the emerging field of power electronics. The silicon carbide and gallium nitride markets are dominated by relatively few players. There is a need for innovation from start-up entrepreneurs advancing disruptive technologies. However, dozens of smaller fabrication plants have closed their doors since 2001 because of competition. X-FAB, with funding from PowerAmerica, pools the production of semiconductors from small companies

to achieve economies of scale. IP from each company is protected, but innovation is fostered because of X-FAB’s ability to aggregate demand across customers.