PowerAmerica Issues Request for Proposals for Projects to Advance the Wide Bandgap Power Electronics Ecosystem

PowerAmerica is now soliciting proposals for a new round of Member-Initiated Projects (MIP). The MIP program is intended to provide a way for PowerAmerica members to collectively identify priority projects needed to advance wide bandgap commercialization and direct resources to address those challenges. A university or company does not need to be a current PowerAmerica member to apply for MIP funding, but membership is required upon receipt of funding.

MIP projects are funded by member dues and selected by a committee of members. This year, PowerAmerica anticipates selecting three to four proposals, with up to $200,000 available per funded project. Although not required, a cost match in addition to PowerAmerica funding is encouraged and will be taken into account when scoring proposals.

PowerAmerica is seeking proposals in the following topic areas, which were identified by members and included in the updated technology roadmap:

  • Improve device packaging to take better advantage of SiC and/or GaN device performance including packaging for 200A+ and better package footprints.
  • Improve SiC and/or GaN module packaging and reliability, including the study of failure mechanisms, robustness and qualification requirements for aerospace, vehicle electrification and other applications.
  • Improve SiC and/or GaN device design and techniques including monolithic integrated gate driver designs.
  • Additional project topics not specified, but meet the needs identified in the technology roadmap.

Proposals are due July 24, 2019. For additional information and to apply, visit this link.